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Connecticut Maltese

****We have 3 Males and 1 Female available, born July28, 2015****

****They will be ready for homes October 6th, 2015****

****This site last updated August 20th, 2015****


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Just a little bit about myself. I was born and raised in Connecticut – CT, I have always had dogs and I enjoy nature in general. My first dog was a very mixed breed named Hogan, I have no idea what he was. He was a grown dog from a shelter. He must have been trained to chase cars (ha ha) because he did it very well when he escaped, I couldn’t get him to stop no matter how hard I tried; then again, I was only about 10 years old. It was sad to see him go when it was his time. Then there was Duke; my black Lab, he was with me through my early twenties and arguably one of the best dogs on the planet. Duke knew from several hundred feet away and several stories down from our apartment building that my wife was on the floor in distress and needed to go to the hospital to get her gall bladder removed. He forced me back upstairs to her rescue. I don't know if I'll ever reuse his name .

Of course there have been others but now that we have our own home, we now have Daisy & Titan, they were both originally chosen by my wife and daughter because my wife has allergies and my daughter wanted a cute puppy, I have always been a big dog person so of course the macho in me was against it and I used the argument that I would be the one taking care of the dogs so it should be my choice; well I lost. I started breeding because it was something that as a kid interested me, I always thought I would be a veterinarian but that did not happen, also I started breeding because I noticed how difficult it was to find a good quality Maltese puppies for sale in Connecticut - CT and or the New England area. There are many ways to find Maltese puppies online; and then there are the local pet stores. Even the major pet store chains use puppy mills to supply their puppies. And I have found through my own research that even the online breeders that claim to be local are very misleading about their location, breeding program and conditions. It seems everybody claims to breed the best and most adorable Maltese puppies. Most puppies are cute so it is very easy to be decieved by the pictures you see only. I try to use very detailed pictures on my website of not only the puppies but also the parents. I currently breed my Maltese as pets but I am working towards breeding for show. It takes time and patience and careful selection. At anytime we welcome prospective puppy parents to our home to visit and view the parents and puppies when they are available.

Francisco (Frank) Rivera

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